Teens Leaders Study Conflict Management

BPDC Mediation Coordinator Ian Heisey and Cathy Black, an intern in her senior year studying conflict management at Kent State University, did a workshop on August 7th on conflict resolution skills for the youth staff of the summer reading program at Riverside Park Estates, which is funded by Neighborhood Connections.

The group role-played ways to listen for underlying needs and respond to conflicts in a positive way. They discussed ways to encourage kids to have self-control, tell their story and solve their own conflicts, as well as make good choices. The group also did an exercise on the power of perception.

BPDC Mediation Program responds as a neutral third-party to conflicts of all types relating to neighbors of all ages, and we get referrals from the Councilman’s office, schools, businesses, churches and residents to help parties seek mutually agreeable solutions.

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