Want To Flip a House… Free Advice

It may look fun and easy to buy low and sell high in the real estate world, thanks especially to popular t.v. shows, but a wise investor should consult local experts before jumping into the market.  Even when properties seem undervalued, there may be hidden dangers.  Flip-This-House seminars are abundant and potential investors can unknowingly worsen a housing market for everyone by getting in over their head themselves.

Recently, the City of Cleveland’s Department of Building and Housing and Office of Fair Housing and Consumer Affairs joined forces with Cleveland-area housing counseling organizations to warn consumers that they only thing house-flipping seminars can guarantee is that consumers will pay for advice that is available for free from government offices and local non-profits, like Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation.

Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation (BPDC) is excited to consult with existing and consumers looking for investment properties to strengthen occupancy, quality, and diversity of the neighborhood’s housing.  Toni Jones, BPDC housing director, serves as technical guide to the myriad of resources that assist investors in researching and financing housing rehabilitation.

A letter from the Director of Cleveland’s Dept. of Building and Housing, Ed Rybka, welcomes potential investors in Cleveland and explains the best way to research potential investments, avoid hidden costs, and stay in good standing legally.

http://bpdc.org/programs/housing/ is your 24/7 source for these resources and more.

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