Neighborhood Connections keeps West Park youth reading over the summer

If you happened by the CMHA Community center in Riverside Park Estates, you may
have wondered what all those children and teens were doing on blankets under the
huge trees outside the center. Well, they were reading!

The two week reading program, a joint venture with Bellaire Puritas Development
Corporation (BPDC), the 21st Century Learning Program and CMHA Riverside Park
Estates, was funded by Neighborhood Connections from August 6-16, 2012. The sole
purpose of Reading in the Park was to provide an experience to children and teens that
reading is a fun activity bridging the gap between school and the summer break when
there is little activity for children and teens to be involved in an enjoyable learning

For 8 days children and teens read or listened to books, engaged in journal writing and
activities elated to the books. They enjoyed a light, healthy snack at the end of each
session. On the final day, guest readers from BPDC, Nancy Baxter and Ian Heisey read
from their favorite books to the crowd on the blankets. Cake, homemade cookies and lemonade were served along with free books for the participants to take home and continue to enjoy the fun of reading.

If you have a great idea for a project, you can apply for Neighborhood Connections grants, too at



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