Ward 18 Forum on School Levy

On Oct. 23rd, 65 people attended a Ward 18 Forum on Issue 107, which is a levy for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), in Fogarty Hall.  BPDC helped organize the forum because the BPDC Board decided the best role for the agency in regards to this issue is to raise the level of discussion in the neighborhood.

Mayor Jackson spoke passionately about  Clevelanders needing to take responsibility to take reform into our own hands and not wait for someone else to rescue us.  He focused on three points: reform, financial support, and accountability.  In regards to accountability, he focused on the built-in limit to this levy.  In 4 years, the levy’s increase millage ends and voters can make up their mind as to how well the school district has performed.

For more information on the levy, Issue 107, visit http://www.rightplanrightnow.com/.

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