Neighborhood leadership training is now taking apps

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) has an exciting training program for Cleveland leaders.  It is still taking applications  for its Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland (NLC) class, especially looking for some more men to round the class out.
Here is the description of their program:
 Since 1994, grassroots leaders from throughout the greater Cleveland region have gained new community-building skills, expanded their networking opportunities and increased their knowledge of our community’s history, resources and opportunities by participating in our 14-week leadership program. Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland is an accredited course at Cleveland State University and the class includes sessions on leadership topics ranging from personal goal setting, strength development to neighborhood development.In addition to the weekly classes, you will also attend an opening two-day retreat, organize tours of your neighborhood, and work with your classmates on group projects. Through your participation in Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland, you will discover your gifts, build new skills, learn to serve as an advocate for your family and community, collaborate with others to accomplish goals, make public presentations, and network with government officials and non-profit organizations to find and utilize resources in the community.If you have any questions please feel free to call Jacqueline Gillon at 216-812-8700 ext. 207 or
NLI is a Cleveland non-profit that administers the Schools as Neighborhood Resources (SNR) program at Artemus Ward and ran it for almost two decades at  John Marshall High School in the evening.  SNR is open to both youth and adults from November through April every year three nights a week.
 If you are interested in this program, the application is available online here.  If you are interested in more leadership opportunities in the neighborhood, contact Rachel Napolitano at BPDC and check out our webpage for easy ways to be involved.
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