Cleveland schools need your vision

Engage in The Cleveland Plan, a four-year strategy for transforming the Cleveland schools.  The time is now to make big improvements to our local education system now that the requested school levy has past in Nov. 2012.  What can be done?  What questions do you have on the Cleveland Plan, which is downloadable at (look in the orange box for Cleveland Plan info)?

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) will bring in Cleveland Metropolitan School District officials to facilitate a dialogue to get community feedback and ideas, regardless of whether you are a student, parent, grandparent, teacher, alumni, or neighbor in a series of community meetings.  BPDC is happy to host one of those sessions right in the neighborhood.  The Civic Commons seeks to engage the community with online conversations, in partnership with CMSD.  You can start a topic yourself!  Ideastream and grassroots organizers each are holding their own forums, too, so plugging in comes in many forms this Winter.

There are at least five ways you can share and organize people around your hopes and desires for the future of Cleveland’s education system without leaving the neighborhood.

  1. Go to the CMSD neighborhood meeting on Thu. Jan. 31st right here at Artemus Ward School at 4315 W. 140th St. from 6-8pm, hosted by BPDC.  Here is the flier that explains how to get involved and provide feedback.
  2. Attend the Invest in Cleveland Townhall being organized by Common Good Ohio, supported by the Clevleand Teacher’s Union Tues, Jan 29th from 5:30p-7:30pm.  Childcare will be provided.
  3. Look for other CMSD community meetings this January or contribute to the conversation online by visiting the Civic Commons:
  4. Reserve your seat at the Idea Center for a Cleveland Connects conversation with Mayor Jackson, CEO Gordon, and CTU President Quolke the evening of Feb. 11th.
  5. Join a conversation with the new principal at John Marshall, Byron Hopkins, on Tuesday, Feb. 5th at the BPDC community room, hosted by community members like yourself that make up the Neighborhood Education Committee (NEC).  The NEC page has more details.
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