Rain barrels & other stormwater solutions

Soak it up!

All year long, residents ask, “Do you have free rain barrels?” and we take their contact information for the opening of the rain barrel project, which opens in late Spring every year.  BPDC participates in the rain barrel giveaway program because excess stormwater damages properties, waterways, and wildlife habitat in our neighborhood.  Stormwater management is smart for the neighborhood as a whole AND individual property owners.

Already 10 of the 20 free rain barrels have been claimed for this summer.  

YOU could get a free rain barrel if you complete all the necessary forms (very easy), have a residence in Ward 18, don’t have one yet, and have the property owner’s permission.  This means that renters can qualify, too, if your landlord complies!

Rain barrel program info and application: http://bpdc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/rain-barrel-application-and-info-packet.pdf 

Although rain barrels may qualify you for a stormwater credit on your sewer bill, the credit is determined by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) and more information on credits for rain barrels, rain garden, or permeable pavers and more are located at www.neorsd.org/stormwater.  It is easy to apply, but it is up to each homeowner do apply themselves directly to NEORSD.

  • Volunteers make their own rain barrels.Other opportunities to earn rain barrels are offered through the Cuyahoga Soil Water Conservation District (CSWCD) through their rain barrel workshops.  The workshop schedule is available on their website here and are open to all Cuyahoga County residents.  You can even purchase more than one from them.
  • Rain gardens, another popular way to reduce stormwater run-off and enhance properties, are another credit-worthy home improvement according to NEORSD.  CSWCD makes it even easier to install a rain garden with their rain garden kits and rain garden resource websites.


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