High grass tips for vacant houses

Ever wonder when and how the city maintains abandoned properties?

Within the next two weeks the City of Cleveland Parks Department will be in Ward 16 looking for vacant lots and vacant homes to mow.  They will be working from the eastern boundaries westward. The trash and debris of vacant homes will be bagged and put on the property side of the sidewalk to be removed within five days. The vacant lots that will be cut will be followed within five days by the trim crew.

These grass cutting crews do not enter fenced or locked properties. They cut only obviously vacant homes. Please do not park in the driveway of the vacant homes for the next few weeks so these lawns and yards can be cut.  If there is a gate that is closed in the driveway, the crew will not cut the rear yard. (Hint.)

The City will not trim shrubs on vacant properties unless they are impeding the right-of-way, sidewalk or street or if they obstruct a stop sign.

Knowing these facts can help all  concerned neighbors manage the stress and eyesore of having a vacant property nearby, while preventing further blight.

–BPDC Housing Director, Toni Jones

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