Kids SCORE! (Rhymes)

The 10th Anniversary of the America SCORES – Cleveland Poetry Slam was hosted at Tri-C Metro and had 4 West Park youth poet-athletes from 2 schools participate: Artemus Ward girls’ and boys’ teams, and Robinson G. Jones girls’ and boys’ teams.  The Slam was performed in front of a crowd of 350.

The Slam complements the poetry and soccer components of the fall session of SCORES. Despite a snowstorm that prevented some teams from performing, West Park represented with all 4 teams in attendance that evening of Nov. 14th!

MyCom funds Cleveland SCORES at both schools  for the 6th-8th graders and the 21st Century Grant BPDC received for R.G. Jones also supplements the R.G. Jones middle school team.  MyCom was also the sponsor for one of the Silver Mic Poetry Slam Award.

Each team performs one poem as a team and then each team has one individual poet-athlete perform her or his poem.  Each poem is original and created by the youth who perform them.

Here’s video of Aaliyah Hasan performing her poem, “Who I Am.”

In January, SCORES starts up again with soccer practice and service-learning, as poetry is replaced with the researching and writing of a proposal for a community service project that each team picks and then performs by the completion of the school year.


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