Teens prepare for jobs/careers

Our West Park Teen Job Club had a busy fall as participants took a 3 session course called “Speechmasters”.

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Daentae said his cool confidence at being at the podium was due to his participation in America SCORES as a youth and performing poetry in front of 350 people.  Teens chose their topics on the spot and were encouraged to do all 4 kinds of speeches that were explored: entertaining, informative, persuasive, and demonstrative.  Teens also practiced respect by listening to each speaker and providing feedback and listening to feedback.

There were various roles for each member of the club to practice having while they listened to speeches and gave their supportive comments and they realized it can be uncomfortable to be the person giving the feedback.  Each session included  a”word of the day” that had to be included in each speech.

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Austin taught the club how to take a good photograph with his speech, drawing on his studies at the Cleveland School of the Arts and Tatiana, from John Marshall, explained why its so difficult being a female.

Tatiana's speechAfter that course, taught by Robin Stone from Ohio State University Cuyahoga Extension, the next guest speaker was from youth Stacy Kolcum from  Employment Connection.  Stacy shared strategies for youth to explore their career interests and conducted individual personality assessments with the youth so that they could imagine the types of work they would like to do.



Afterwards, youth marched around to different stations to express their opinions about their future, before competing in a team “Jeopardy” game about careers in Ohio.  


They learned there are just as many opening for fashion designers as for professional athletes – 20 per year, despite the popularity of fashion design as a college major.  Lastly, the youth explored a new approach to setting goals, S.M.A.R.T. goals.

DSCN2649All 8th-12th grade youth are invited to join the club and be a part of employment trainings be a part of a teen job and community service fair this Spring.  The next club meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015 at BPDC.

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