Teen Rock – center opens

West Park gained a new teen center this year at the Rockport branch of Cleveland Public Library.  Katie Ringenbach, branch manager, and library staff listened to the needs of youth of what they wanted at the library and wrote a winning grant application, which resulted in the creation of the brightly-colored center.

The center, as the children’s librarian Cassandra Feliciano explained, was previously a storage room that the staff was willing to sacrifice in order to serve teens better.  Teens who use the library were said to need a place where they can relax and talk without disturbing other patrons at this very busy library.  Building on teen interests, the staff outfitted the room with technology and are planning recurring tech-related programming in the center, including watching movies, gaming, making music and videos, and internet-based activities.

The grand opening was held on November 18th and featured a 3-D printer, which allows users to design objects through a computer program and prints the objects out automatically using thin streams of plastic stacked layer upon layer according to the user’s design to form solid or hollow shapes.  The grand opening also includes videogaming, dance competitions, Frozen karaoke contests, food, and more.  The library had a youth contest to name the center and “Teen Rock” was the winner.  For more information, contact the library at 216-623-7053.

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