Dancing Classrooms in West Park

See inside West Park’s Clara Westropp School arts enrichment and be entertained by students in action with Dancing Classrooms and band last month with this video from Cleveland Metropolitan School District:

Robinson G. Jones 5th graders have learned with Dancing Classrooms twice a week, too.

With an integrated curriculum of language arts, visual art, social studies, and physical education, students learn merengue, foxtrot, rumba, tango, swing, waltz, stomp, and heel-toe polka and line dances. The program is twice a week for 10 weeks.

BPDC is a proud partner at RG Jones.  We have hired staff to provide targeted investments from the community at RG Jones in alignment with the Investment Schools initiative to turnaround schools, supervised by BDPC’s Mary  Jo Cotner, the wraparound coordinator.  The school has increased its academic performance last year according to state test scores and the principals at Investment Schools around the district claim the wraparound model is needed and acts “like our community is giving our school a big hug.”

Ms. Cotner worked with Rosemary Miles at Fairview Hospital to bring the Dancing Classrooms program, valued at $6000, to the school with a grant from the hospital.

Our staffing at RG Jones is made possible by the United Way and Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association.

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