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Our neighborhood newsletter highlights trends in our neighborhood’s development and programming in addition to neighbor profiles and also serves as a great way to expose advertisers to every address in the ward, including residences and businesses – over 11,000 mailboxes!

Contact Rachel Napolitano at 216- 671-2710 ext. 216 to discuss upcoming opportunities to support local news and commercial activity through advertisements and see our rates here.

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Family Matters in West Park Newsletter

This newsletter is marketed to families, specifically highlighting the W. 140th  Street Corridor and its educational, residential, human, and commercial assets there and nearby.

It is printed in color and distributed through schools, daycares, and churches on or around W. 140th, the Rockport library, area realtors, and BPDC’s programs and satellite sites.  It is also distributed in other Cleveland westside neighborhoods and institutions in Lakewood, Fairview Park, and Brookpark.

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