Board & Staff

Homes in the fall with autumn leaves on the trees and on the ground on W. 130th St. north of Lorain Ave.

Board of Directors


President: Ms. Jackie Krieger

Vice President: Mr. John Wynn

Treasurer: Mr. Charles Nusbaum

Secretary: Mr. Weldon Maples


Mr. Daryl Lehman

Rev. Jeffrey E. Sanders

Rev. Gregory S. Thomas

Ms. Janice Walter



Bryan Gillooly, Executive Director

Peggy Yomnick, Receptionist


Community Development

Melissa Miller, Planning & Safety Coordinator

Toni Jones, Housing Director

Karen Crocheron, Home Energy and Housing Assistant


Resident Services

Judy Schafrick, Senior & Resident Services and MyCom Youth Data Specialist

Daniel Conway, Senior Services

David Kasik, Senior Services

Ian Heisey, Mediation Coordinator and Youth Development

Veronica Favela, Events and Community Outreach Coordinator


Youth and Workforce Development

Vanessa Lange, Youth Development Director

Mary Jo Cotner, Wrap Around Coordinator, Robinson G. Jones

Amanda Martin, Site Coordinator, Riverside Park Estates

Eddie Johnson, Program Assistant, Riverside Park Estates

Tracey Mullin, Adult Educator, Riverside Park Estates

Dameyonna Willis, Site Coordinator, Artemus Ward School


as of October, 2017


BPDC annual report:

Fiscal Year (FY) 2015-2016:


To contact the main offices call 216-671-2710

 to support a wide array of programs for diverse sectors of our community.