Puritas Wetlands

See the Puritas Wetlands brochure here and the slide show on the Puritas Wetlands here.

What is Puritas Wetlands?

  • An 80 acre detention basin lying in the Big Creek watershed approximately two miles south of Lake Erie fed by a man-made channel designed to direct stormwater runoff away from contiguous properties and  I-480 .
  • A functioning wetland located in the heart of the City of Cleveland nestled between residential and light industrial properties.
  • Former home to the American Agricultural Chemical Company until 1970, a commercial fertilizer plant.

What makes the Puritas Wetlands unique?







  • The Puritas Wetlands has a robust ecological character given its urban setting.
  • Over 138 avian species have been cataloged at the site including the endangered Ohio yellow-bellied sapsucker, the olive-sided flycatcher, the American bittern and Wilson’s snipe.
  • Over 66 plant species have been cataloged at the site including a county record for presence of sun drops and a rare occurrence of the whorled milkweed.

What has been done about the wetlands?

BPDC has:

  • Received a $10,000 grant from the National  ish and Wildlife Foundation and $2,500 award from Charter One.
  • Sprayed targeted portions of the basin to control invasive plants, and free up greater growth of native, non-invasive species.
  • Held two planting days.
  • Hosted a public tour of the wetlands with the Friends of Big Creek

 What’s next for Puritas Wetlands?

  • We are planning more planting days.
  • We are seeking additional funding for educational enhancements to the site such as interpretive signage and informational kiosks.
  • We are looking for a location at the site to add the passive learning and recreation space.

 How can I get more involved?

To volunteer at a planting day, or to get more information about the wetlands and upcoming wetlands events please contact Melissa Miller at 216-671-2710 or by email.

Thank You to our Key Partners

& Funders:

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Wildlife Habitat Council
Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
City of Cleveland Division of Water Pollution Control
City of Cleveland Planning Commission
Friends of the Big Creek
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Charter One Bank Community in Action Program
The Oatey Company