Adult Education & Computer Lab Opportunities

Visit the adult education and computer labs’ website here.  Check the site for recent job listings in many different careers.

Lunch n Learn

Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation knows that access to qualified educators and technology are critical for economic development for individuals and communities.  That is why BPDC offers opportunities for adults to access computers and education for free.  Many adults utilize our opportunities to learn computer and job search skills.  Access to computers provides adults with open lab time for job searches, e-mailing, and more while individual and group instruction can increase math and reading skills.  Many adults opt to prepare for the GED test and many have obtained their GED as a result!

The two locations for instruction are:

  1. BPDC Computer Lab at 17800 Parkmount Ave. (Riverside Park Estates’ Administration Bldg)
  2. Doris V. Jones Court, a 3-story residential building at 4609 Rocky River Drive

For more information, view or download Lab Announcement.