Energy$aver Program

Do you love your home but not your utility bill?

Make too much money for low-income utility assistance?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, consider making your hard-earned dollar go farther by having a professional audit of your overall home energy efficiency and make the professionals to show you the savings you could earn with various home improvements for a full year through a new program called Cleveland Energy Saver.  (There is no upper limit on a household’s income to qualify for the program.)

Cozy, energy efficient homes are happy homes

Cozy, energy efficient homes are happy homes

Energy Saver is a Home Energy Conservation Pilot Program by the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Housing Network and is sponsored by the city of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability, the Cleveland Housing Network, Cleveland Action to Support Housing and LandStudio environmental group.

Cleveland Energy Saver offers homeowners in Cleveland the chance to have their homes “audited” or inspected to determine where and  how energy savings can be obtained.  The cost of the audit if $50, much less than is normally charged by utility companies for the same service. It will be refunded if you choose to follow through on the energy savings recommendations and continue in the next steps of the program.

Home energy experts analyze such things as:

  • air leakage,
  • attic insulation,
  • exterior wall insulation,
  • furnace efficiency,
  • water saving devices,
  • doors and windows and the
  • overall health and safety of your home.

After an energy savings report is completed, the program offers discounts on home improvements and rebates after the work is completed. Low-interests loans with a 2.3% interest rate are available through the program to pay for the cost of the work.

This is a pilot program and can only serve the first 100 homeowners to sign up.  To schedule your energy assessment or learn more, call Cleveland Energy Savers at 216-672-3535.  Help Cleveland “Go Green”!