Neighborhoood Code Enforcement Partnership Program with the City of Cleveland

Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation in partnership with the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing began last year systematically inspecting each home throughout Ward 18.

This effort came about in order to stabilize Cleveland’s neighborhoods to ensure that residents are living in safe and healthy homes. The purpose of BPDC’s involvement in this program is to help homeowners understand their responsibility for maintaining their property as well as how the condition and appearance of their home impacts the neighborhood as a whole and protects their housing value.

The mission of this partnership is to survey all of Ward 18 every three years. Staff of BPDC review the exterior of each home.  Below is a list of items that are viewed from the street:


  • High grass exceeding 8 inches
  • Yard debris
  • junk/inoperable cars.
  • exterior of your house for peeling paint
  • Missing or loose gutters and downspouts.
  • broken fencing.
  • Broken or cracked windows
  • deteriorated roofing or missing shingles.
  • Dilapidated garages
  • broken steps or front porch
  • broken bricks on your chimney
  • There must be an address on your house and it must be visible from the street. (How else can Fire/EMS find you??)


Homeowners are notified by letter of any code violations that have been discovered. They are encouraged to voluntarily initiate repairs within thirty days and BPDC provides information regarding available home repair programs and resources to assist them.

Homeowners who refuse to voluntarily correct these code issues may be referred to the Department of Building and Housing who will then issue a violation notice. If no corrections have been made, the Inspector will refer the case to the City Law Department for prosecution and you will be called to Housing Court.


Vacant and abandoned properties are also a target of this partnership. These dwellings are referred to the City of Cleveland Building and Housing for a citation and if necessary condemnation and demolition. BPDC completes a survey of vacant homes on a quarterly basis.