How does it work?

Since 1992, BPDC’s mediation-trained staff and community volunteers have addressed hundreds of conflicts involving loud music, litter and yard debris, barking dogs, encroaching fences, and many other conflicts.

BPDC is one of the only community development corporations in Cleveland to offer a mediation program.

Before mediation

  • BPDC will talk to the parties involved individually to understand the conflict and discuss their options
  • If they agree to mediate, the mediator will set up a time convenient for both parties to mediate at BPDC or other neutral settings


At the mediation

  • Mediators explain their role and discuss ground rules
  • Parties tell their story to mediators
  • Parties talk freely to each other about their concerns
  • Parties brainstorm solutions that will benefit everyone involved
  • Mediators write a confidential agreement and give copies to both parties


After mediation

  • After a few months, BPDC staff will follow up with parties to see how things are going