We Serve West Park

Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation primarily serves the Puritas-Longmead, Jefferson, and Riverside areas of Cleveland – Ward 18, which is the heart of the historic West Park neighborhood, named after an early settler, named John West, who lived on what is now W. 138th St.

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In addition to residential, retail, and institutional areas of Ward 18, our service area also includes Enterprise Parkway, West Industrial Parkway, Puritas Industrial Park, Cleveland Business Park, and Emerald Corporate Park.

As the neighborhood lead agency for the MyCom youth development initiative for West Park, we also serve all the K-12 youth who live, work, or study no matter what school youth attend.  The entire West Park area which stretches from Halloran Park on W. 117th St. on the east side to the Fairview Hospital on the West side and encompasses all of Cleveland’s Ward 19 and parts of Cleveland’s Ward 17.

Details about the City of Cleveland Statistical Planning Areas (SPA’s) in the BPDC service area:

Puritas-Longmead (now renamed the Bellaire-Puritas SPA)


Riverside (now part of the SPA renamed Kamm’s)